Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thoughtful Questions

This morning Ashley woke up early and there was no hope of coaxing her back to sleep so we were up and ready for the day nice and early. (Hasn't she learned this is a sleeping in day because I don't babysit??) After cuddling with her for a few minutes I figured we might as well take advantage of being up early and go for a walk before it gets to hot. While we were getting ready I remembered we had a coupon for free drinks and bagels at our local coffee house which was even better because I didn't have to think about breakfast and it would be a treat for both of us.

Once we settled in to some cushy chairs and started enjoying our breakfast I could tell Ash had a serious question brewing or was doing some intense people watching. Then, mid milk sip, she looked up at the sky then looked at me and said, "Mom, where does Colin go potty?" I just started to laugh and told her babies in mommy's bellies don't really go potty like big girls. She shut me down with laughter and said, "Yes they do silly! So, (long pause) does Colin poop in his pants?" I almost choked on my drink with that question. I then explained to her that babies don't wear clothes and they go naked buns in their mommy's belly. That called for a really long pause (about 3 minutes) and then she was ready to respond, "Well, we better get that Colin some pants so he doesn't have to be naked buns all the time." From the look on her face I was surprised she didn't demand that we go to a store to get him pants right then, my modest girl was seriously concerned about everyone seeing her beloved brother's bum.