Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friday Recap

Yesterday was a fun day, I was watching Cody, Maddy and her 4 month old brother Brody. I think Brody is going to be great for Ashley to get used to babies again. He's good practice for me too, I forgot all about spit up and was quickly reminded yesterday :-) Ashley was really interested in everything I did with Brody from burping him, swaddling him and she really wanted me to sing to him A LOT! It was also fun having a little girl to play with Ashley, she has been in a boys world for so long now.

We are watching Pete and Sandy's dog, Maddy, this week too. When Ash and I were almost done making dinner she went to the bathroom and while she was going to shut the door Maddy pawed at the door making the door handle head straight for Ashley's mouth, luckily it just gave her a fat lip instead of breaking her teeth. As soon as those tears were wiped up Ash went to get into her high chair and went flying because she slipped on the floor from some water Maddy splashed out of her water bowl. This morning I learned Ashley holds no grudges. When she woke up I looked at her lip and when I was done she went straight to Maddy to tell her this, "It's ok Mads, sometimes little girls bonk their lips and their bums but it was just an accident and I'm a tough girl. GRRRR see my muscles, I'm strong!"

Last night we were watching TV and Ash saw a Ford car commercial, her face lit up. I was expecting a comment about the music and she blurted this out, "Mom, Dad I totally need that car. It is the most beautiful car, I've never seen anything like it! I totally need that car!" WOW! Where does she get this stuff from? How did she turn into a valley girl without me "totally" knowing it? It's entertaining but it makes me a little nervous for her teenage years.

About 20 minutes after our 3 year old sounded like a teenager she asked me to swaddle her LOL! I laughed and thought it was too funny not to try it. We found the biggest blanket we could and I wrapped her up nice and tight. Ashley thought it was fun and asked me to sing her a song so I picked up my taquito of a child, sat on the couch and sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Has your swaddled child ever told you that you were singing the song wrong? Mine did last night, apparently I was singing the wrong verse and I wasn't emphasizing certain words enough. After my singing lesson with maestro Ashley I think the claustrophobia hit her and she wanted OUT of that blanket.