Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Easter Day

The Easter Bunny made a stop at our house and left a trail of eggs and prizes for Ashley. The morning started early (around 6:30) so she wasn't very excited. She hung out in our bed for a few minutes watching a cartoon while Jas and I started getting ready. As soon as I told her the Easter Bunny paid her a visit she had a huge smile.

Not so happy to be awake

Mentioning easter eggs brought out a smile

A big Easter hug for daddy

She searched high and low for eggs in the house and found some fun prizes to enjoy this summer.

Ash is not a huge fan of Daddy's abilities to play the recorder

Who would have thought twisty straws would bring so much joy to a little girl

After we were all ready we headed to Easter church, it was a great service and Ashley loved Sunday School as usual.

On a side note, Easter happens to bring out the OCD in our little girl. When I told her about the easter eggs she started climbing out of our bed and noticed that the jewelry box on my night stand was slightly ajar and had to fix it for me and move it to just the right spot on the night stand. Later that moring, when we were waiting to drop her off at sunday school she commented that the classroom windows and doors had lots of fingerprints and her face expressed great concern and a little disgust with the situation. I'm not sure if it was the random placement of Easter Eggs around the house that brought this out or if she's really starting to cherish order, cleanliness and neatness (she'll be in for a surprise once Colin arrives!).

Ashley thought she was wearing "a beautiful princess dress" so it was only fitting that she danced like a princess.

Back to the Easter events...
We had easter brunch at Mimi's with Jason's family which was fun and the kids loved their Easter baskets and balloons so much that pancakes didn't seem too exciting.

After brunch we headed home for naps. Mommy and Ash both desperately needed a nap. Then it was off to Grandma and Grandpa Brick's house for yet another easter egg hunt.

Finally, we ended the day with my family for Easter dinner. All in all it was a nice day but very busy, how come I don't remember having 3 easter baskets and 2 egg hunts when I was a kid? Needless to say we have jelly beans, treats and eggs EVERYWHERE! I have a really hard time throwing out those plastic Easter eggs for some reason, I always think I'll save them and reuse them next year but after two months or so they find their way to the trash. I'm hoping to have them land in the trash by the end of this week because there's no reason to postpone their trip to the dump.