Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sirens and Lights

We were all just about to get tucked in to bed when I started to smell a strange smell from the stairs. I started to walk up the stairs and it was getting stronger and stronger but I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. I called Jason upstairs and we searched the house for the smell. We couldn't find it but could tell it was getting stronger. Finally, Jason decided to call the fire department so we could find out everything was fine or figure out where we were sleeping tonight. After calling the fire department we kept searching the house and now the smell completely filled the upstairs and downstairs and I was a little worried. I pulled a psycho moment and started feeling the wall we share with our neighbor to make sure it wasn't warm (I know it's silly!) Finally I could pin point that it was really strong near the garage door and kitchen area. I turned and looked into the kitchen to see the dishwasher was on the drying cycle. Of course we didn't immediately open the dishwasher, instead Jason and I sat there like curious dogs sniffing the dishwasher several times (looking back I'd say that wins the moron award for the year). Once we opened the dishwasher we found a lid to a sippy cup at the bottom of the dishwasher being melted. By then the fire truck had just pulled up to the house and Jas went out to meet them to let them know we figured out the smell. The fire fighter's first question was, "Let me guess, the dishwasher??" LOL I guess they get that one frequently. The firemen were there just long enough to hop off the truck and get right back in but that was long enough for our neighbors to come out and give us a hard time. EMBARRASSING! Luckily, Ashley thought it was cool and wasn't scared at all so it was a fun way to end the night for her. I on the other hand now have an adrenaline rush from worry and that has woken up little Colin who is now jabbing my guts.

I'm happy everything is fine and even happier to know how quickly our fire fighters arrived and they were so nice and let us know they were happy we called, so at least they didn't make us feel stupid :-) I hope you are all having a calmer and less eventful night than us. Sleep Tight!


Moysa Family said...

oh my gosh... that is the best story ever!!!! I can't help but laugh =) too bad thats one expensive sippy cup lid... at least the fire department did find you fast, I don't think they know where we live...