Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spoiled Rotten

I'm feeling kind of guilty after reading facebook posts of friends around the country that are smothered in snow and feeling the chill of the winter air.  We are so spoiled here.  Yesterday it was so gorgeous and warm that I took the kids to the water park and pool and it's the middle of February!

Ashley had so much fun making friends and floating around the kiddie pool.  And Colin got to have his first swim!  I plopped him in the water and he let out a giggle then stood up and splashed in the water for 45 minutes.  The only reason I took him out was to feed him his bottle, I think he would have stayed in until his legs couldn't hold himself up anymore.

Being in the warm sun, hearing kids laugh and giggle and the splashing of the water reminded me of summer and how fun this summer will be with two kids...I can't wait!

This is what happens after a hard day of work.  You fall asleep while mom is changing you and go to bed in nothing but a diaper :-)


Anonymous said...

Super cute Kelly!! Sounds like you hada wonderful "summer day" with the kiddos :) We really are lucky to have such great weather here!!
-Marisa Rhoads