Saturday, February 20, 2010

The funny things she says

Ashley is at a phase where her vocabulary is expanding exponentially each day. The words that come out of such a tiny person make me crack up and the questions never stop.  Here's a few of our conversations this week...

Driving in the car-
Ash:  Mom, what does engaged mean?
Me: Before you get married a special man that you love will get down on one knee and ask you to be his wife.  He'll give you a ring to promise that you'll get married.
Ash: What happens when you get married?
Me: You promise to love your husband forever and ever.
Ash: But when do you wear your white dress?
Me: When you promise to love your husband forever and ever.
Ash:  Oh mom, I can't wait to be engaged

I thought to myself, "Did I really just have that conversation with my 4 year old?" Better with me than Daddy haha.

 About two seconds later...
Ash: Mom, what does enchanted mean?
Me: Something magical and special.
Ash: Am I enchanted?
Me: Absolutely!  You are enchanting
Ash: Oh good, cause I really wanted to be enchanted.

I really wish I knew what she was thinking about when she has these words pop in to her brain.

This morning she woke up and came downstairs where Colin and I were playing.  These were her thoughts:
Ash: Mom, you know all of this racket you and Colin are making really woke me up and I was trying to finish my dream.  Next time you should really try not to make so much racket.
Me:  Sorry we woke you up but I would like it if you wouldn't say that so bossy.
Ash:  Don't worry mom, I'm not being bossy, I'm just telling you next time you shouldn't make such humongous noises that wake me up in my dreams.
Me: Instead of being bossy by telling me how about you just ask me to please try to play quieter games with Colin while you are sleeping.
Ash:  That would be a great idea, maybe you guys can use your imagination to play with pretend toys.

She had that problem solved real quick!

I love this girl!


Shwam Fam said...

She is such a sweet girl! And so funny! We miss you guys- let's play soon.