Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Boy and His Food

In some ways Colin and Ashley are identical, in other ways they are polar opposites.  We started Ashley on baby food at 4 months and once we got passed the idea of force feeding her the rice cereal she despised she was in heaven.  There wasn't a veggie or fruit she didn't love.  Ok, I just lied, she wasn't a fan of peas, but other than that she LOVED her food.  When we first started feeding her it was a mess for about two days but then she quickly learned how to lick her spoon clean.

Colin on the other hand was quite the opposite.  We tried feeding Colin rice cereal and he literally gagged every time we tried feeding it to him but I thought that was normal because Ash didn't like it either.  I was so excited to give him real baby food because he seemed to love eating so much.  The kid proved me wrong and would spit out every ounce of food or just let it all drool out of his mouth.  He seemed to really dislike the flavor and the whole concept of swallowing the food seemed lost on him.  Our pediatrician had warned me that all kids are different and one of his started eating at 4 months and the other at 6 months so I wasn't concerned.  I continued to try baby food for a few days and we made absolutely NO progress.  I waited another two weeks until trying again, same results.  This became the pattern, until the last week- the week before he turned 6 months.  I had gotten so used to having food sprayed all over me, the high chair and my son so when I gave him a spoon of squash and nothing came back out at me I was shocked.  So shocked and happy that we did a happy dance right then and there.  Ever since that day our boy has plowed through his food at each meal.  His favorite thing for dessert is his spoon :-)