Sunday, February 14, 2010

Babysitting Dylan

Since we celebrated Valentine's Day early this year we were able to help out Jason's sister and husband by babysitting their son Dylan while they had a special night out.  Dylan and Ashley had so much fun, they chased a balloon around, had tickle wars, ate dinner, blew out birthday candles, played "work" and Colin watched it all wondering what they were doing.

 A much needed water break...
which lead to a tickle war!
They called "work"
Colin seemed very confused by it all
SOOOO Funny!
This had me cracking up!
Valentine's Day dessert...wondering why we have candles??  Dylan thought he was going to a birthday party, so we let him believe it was a birthday party.
Colin checking to see what Dad thinks of it all
"Working" on the computer
He said he was getting ready for work.