Saturday, June 6, 2009

My buddy

I'm having a moment. I'm getting ready to go to a baby shower a few hours away today and I'm already missing Ashley. I'm used to being apart from Jason for a few hours almost every day but Ashley is like a third arm for me, she's my built in best friend. I was trying to remember the last time I went somewhere all day without her or Jason and I can't remember! Jason and I rarely have a date night but when we do I'm so excited to have a date with him that I don't have time to think about missing Ashley once we leave her. But this, this is totally different. I started thinking about all of the little things she does in a day that I'm so lucky to see and I'll miss out on those today:-( For instance, yesterday she told me she needed to get her robe on before coming down stairs so I told her to put it on and meet me down there. All of a sudden I hear her tiny feet coming down the stairs and then she appears in a pair of princess panties, HUGE red elmo slippers holding her purple sundress and Dora robe. I burst out laughing because she just looked so darn cute. Each Elmo slipper is about as big as her head and then there was her tiny body carrying her big fluffy robe and sundress, what an outfit! I'm realizing exactly how lucky I am to get to see all of those moments each day, I can't imagine missing out on them. I hope Jason and Ashley have a fun time together and she does something cute like that just for her Dad- he deserves it.


Moysa Family said...

You are sooooooo lucky to be able to witness every moment. I hope you had fun at the shower.