Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The pirate in me

I started this morning off with my glucose tolerance test and standard blood work, ick! I really despise that test. The drink they give you is SO SWEET it gives me a stomach ache the second I swallow it. My appointment was at 8:50 and wasn't over until 10 (you drink the stuff when you get there and then sit for an hour before having your blood taken). Needless to say I was starving by the time we were done since I had to fast for the test. After grabbing a bite to eat with Ash we were on a mission to get some random stuff for our house. After hitting 4 stores all we ended up with was two rugs, two really tired girls and a baby that had the hiccups and seemed quite frustrated by them (lots of movement in the belly). By the time we got home Ash was snoring (I wished I was snoring) and Colin had settled down. After putting Ash to bed I pulled the rugs out and put them down and let out a HUGE sigh of disappointment. They were too small! ARGH! I think at that moment I actually said ARGH! out loud like a pirate. Basically, we ran around town and had nothing to show for it today and now I have to return stuff (not a favorite thing of mine).

Once I sat down to call Jason and tell him my frustrating news I realized I was really tired and pretty sore. After hanging up the phone it dawned on me that this leg of my pregnancy is kind of like the first time around for me since I was on bed rest at 5.5 months with Ashley. I've never walked around shopping all day while 7 months pregnant, not to mention lifting a 3 year old in and out of carts and car seats OY! My tummy, legs and back are really sore and tired tonight, it should be interesting to see how I'm feeling in August when I'm HUGE and it's a million degrees outside- I'm sure that will bring out some bitter blogging. I am sore and tired but it's so worth it, I love this little boy so much and can't wait to meet him. I'm trying to tell myself that all the aches and pains are hints to remind me that I'm pregnant and to be thankful and thankful I am. Jason and I were taking a stroll down memory lane last night and talking about how we would have never guessed this would be our life in 2009 when we were celebrating our first wedding anniversary. I know I would have never guessed we'd be where we are but I can't imagine it any other way and wouldn't change it for the world- I love where we are right now and look forward to what the future holds for us.


Shwam Fam said...

cute cute! we can't wait to meet that little boy too and see who he looks like! happy anniversary by the way! hope you guys had a great day.

Vera Jean said...

Kelly - I just love reading all of your comments - thanks so much! Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday! Love you guys, Grandma