Friday, June 19, 2009

A New Chapter: Unemployment

A chapter in my life has been closed today, at least for a long while. As of today, I am unemployed. I've spent the last three years caring for Cody, Maddy, Greyson, Dylan, Brody and of course my Ash. Babysitting was a great thing for me and our family, I was able to be home with Ashley, she pretty much had a play date with friends everyday and it brought in a little bit of money to pay for things so we could finally afford a home. Having all of this end is bittersweet. Of course I'm overjoyed to have the opportunity to give 100% of my attention to Ashley for these next few months before Colin comes and to have the freedom to go and do whatever we want each day. At the same time I will miss the kids and their moms, it was fun watching all the little ones grow up, I can't believe they all started off as infants and are now toddlers or preschoolers (time flies!). I'll also miss catching up with the moms each morning and afternoon, sharing the joys of motherhood with each other :-)

Today has felt strange because I've always considered myself a stay at home mom but now I feel like I'm REALLY a stay at home mom, which is exciting, but for some reason kind of scares me the tiniest bit (it kind of reminds me of when my parents dropped me off at college- so exciting but the freedom was a little scary). The doors that will open for Ash and I to grow in our relationship and to experience new things together will be great. I think the nervousness comes from the fact that I've never brought in absolutely no income and I think that will just take some time to adjust to (at least that's what other moms have told me). The fact that Jason is willing and able to carry the burden of being the sole provider for our family is amazing and he has no idea how much I admire him and appreciate him for doing so, thanks Jas. And thank you to each family for trusting me to care for your little ones, it was an honor and joy to watch them grow up each day.


Anonymous said...

I felt the same way when Grey stopped coming to my house :( It took a while for Gav to get used to it too. He would sit at the window on MOn and Wed and wait for Greyson to show up. ENJOY the last few months with just the two of you though.... things get busy when you have TWO babes, but its soooo FUN!

Shwam Fam said...

And we loved being a part of that special time. Now we can do playdates with our two babes each. So fun!