Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sis, Suds and Bubs

Sister asked if we could go to the pool today, but it was too cold.  June gloom has decided to visit us all month long...boo!  It's almost July and I feel like summer hasn't even begun.  So, instead of another day at the park or playing cars and babies in the house we decided to play in the tub.  There were bubbles, toys, and fancy hairdos.  Colin splashed for almost an hour while Ashley floated on her back, played with her toys in an imaginary world and oh yeah...asked a million questions, but that's nothing new.  Hauser watched them both like the good dog he is and looked like he wanted to jump right in, which is funny because he HATES his baths.

                                                                                          Love Colin's face in this one, he doesn't know what to make of his doggy trying to get in the tub.

It was a fun way to mix up our play time but the best part was both kids were squeaky clean and smelled like babies and I got to pretend for just a moment that they were itty bitty again.  Ten minutes later I re-organized the linen closet and got a whiff of Dreft (another favorite scent) and realized these kids don't smell like Dreft in their jammies anymore because they're no longer babies.  That's when I shed a few tears.  Then I walked two feet to Ashley's room and saw this. 

Yup, I was right, they're no longer babies, but I guess I'm okay with that because sis feeding bubs pretend food is just as sweet as itty bitty babies in jammies that smell like Dreft.

They are a big sister and little brother playing together and making the world's biggest mess.  I heart them!