Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

4 Generations of Brick Men  (they are the oldest Brick boys of their generation) We enjoyed a fun and relaxing Father's Day with both of our dads and families.  Probably one of the best we've ever celebrated, it was so special.

We started the morning off with my Dad, brother and sister at Corky's for breakfast.  After fun story telling, walks down memory lane and smiles filled with love being exchanged we went to my dad's house to watch MMA fights and to play pool.  It was fun to relax, laugh and just enjoy being together.  I'm thankful for my dad.  I'm thankful for his love, advice and care.  We talk every morning on the phone, sometimes it's about nothing, sometimes it's about everything.  He's always there to give advice, to make me smile and laugh if I'm feeling down and I know he loves me.  I'm thankful for the relationship and love he shares with my husband and children.  I'm thankful for him.

Dad was so excited he crushed the boys in pool.  He said it was the best father's day gift ever! LOL

A Sleepy Boy

After time with my family we went to the "Brick Gathering" at one of Jason's relatives' house and the kiddos enjoyed time in the pool, the grown ups had fun catching up and the dads had fun watching golf.  Babies were passed around, stories were shared and love was present.  I'm thankful for my father-in-law and the way he showed Jason how to be an active parent and how to love and give with a big heart.  After cupcakes and a final dip in the pool we dried off and headed home where Dad and Ash fell asleep within 2 minutes of sitting on the couch.  It was a wonderful day.

The Older Brick Boys

The Brick Family Father's Day Gathering

She was "SOOOO TIRED and COLD"  But some how she managed to find the strength to eat a cupcake :-)

What happens when you have too much fun on Father's Day  (it was only 7:30)