Tuesday, June 1, 2010

7 Years

Jason and I celebrated our 7th anniversary, that sounds like a long time, but it feels like it has gone by SO fast!  To be honest, we didn't really get to celebrate, we're still waiting to do that.  We were on the tale end of being sick, didn't have a sitter and were just pooped.  So we're waiting for the perfect day to celebrate, hopefully it comes sooner than later because I need a date night!

Jas-  Thank you for being my husband.  I know I can count on you to be there for me, to be a listening ear, a person to bounce ideas off of, a shoulder to cry on, someone to motivate me and a partner in everyday life.  You have not only been a wonderful husband to me but you have also been my best friend.  You have walked hand in hand with me through the ups and downs of these seven years and it is so comforting to know that I always have you to run to.  We have had so much fun since we were married and I can't wait to see what forever has in store for us.

I think about our first date and I was nervous and excited.  I think about the day we moved away for college and I was a little scared...excited, but scared.  I think about the night you proposed to me and I was shocked and excited and a little overwhelmed.  But when I think about the day I walked down that aisle to become Mrs. Brick I had no insecurities, no nervousness and I wasn't scared at all.  I was confident, happy and certain that this would be the best decision I could ever make.  I've always known you were the one for me.

I love you.