Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Where did my baby go?

Today was one of those days where I woke up, checked on Ashley and was wondering who stole my itty bitty baby and replaced her with a big girl overnight. I know everyone warned me it would go by fast and I believed them but I had no idea it would go by THIS fast. The little baby who used to need me for everything can now blow her own bubbles, eat apples off the core, put her pajamas on by herself and finish puzzles without any help. I love this age because Ashley is able to actually tell me how she sees the world and it's pretty funny and precious. Whenever we tuck her in bed at night she always tells us that she loves us bigger than something, for example: "I love you bigger than the beautiful flowers". On Sunday we had been watching football all day and Jason told her he loved her bigger than football and she responded in true Brick form saying, "I love you bigger than Brett Favre". Jason couldn't be prouder!

Ashley and I were playing outside with bubbles and balls this afternoon and then I decided it was time for us to play Tag. After explaining the game we started to play and she thought it was so funny to chase me that she laughed so hard she'd have to stop to catch her breath, needless to say we had a blast. I love having a kid so you can do things like playing tag all over again.