Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Highlight of Ashley's Day

Ashley received a Halloween card in the mail today and it's the first time that she's really understood what mail was. The pure joy she had just holding the card and hugging it was so sweet (Don't you wish we all felt that way when we got our bills in the mail?). Ashley was in awe of the stickers on the envelope and was a big fan of the orange ink Great Grandma Brick used. It took a while to get the card open (she's not a fan of ripping paper) but once we did a perfectly crisp dollar bill fell out of the card and Ashley shouted, "MY OWN CREDIT CARD! I CANNOT BEWIEVE IT!" Of course Jason and I were dying with laughter. After explaining it was a dollar bill she told us that she could pay for her things now and was so proud. After about 20 minutes of examining the dollar bill and card and hugging them both she was ready to find a special place for the dollar and plans on saving it to buy a remote control car which she picked out from the Toys R Us Christmas catalog. I was clipping coupons and Ashley asked to help so I handed her the Toys R Us catalog and after looking at a page or two she asked for a pen and started to circle all of the toys she wanted. I was surprised because she was very careful in making her choices, I kind of expected her to circle anything. Hopefully the Brick Bank offers an incredible interest rate so she can buy her remote control car before she's 50.>