Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mutt Mingle

When we got home from Ashley's soccer game there was Hauser.  He had been home alone for half the day and was the perfect dog that he usually is.  So, I told Jason we needed to take him to the Mutt Mingle so he could feel special.  When I asked him if he wanted to go to the puppy party his butt started shaking and he was ready to bolt out the door.  When we got there we saw our Bulldog friend Bentley that we met on a walk when he was a puppy 8 months ago.  Hauser had fun meeting all of the doggies, especially the Great Danes- they were his favorite.  The event was literally the dog version of The Taste of Ladera, they had dog treat bars, a lady drawing charicatures of the dogs, games for the dogs to play and win prizes, agility courses and lots of vendors handing out samples and prizes.  After we Mingled with the vendors we decided to let Hauser really mingle with the mutts in the dog park.  He had a grand old time running around with the dogs and it was fun to watch so many dogs play together so nicely.

Hauser made lots of friends

These two raced and raced and raced
The best looking Bully in town
Stopping at the doggy fountain
Ashley won a stuffed bulldog and was pretty happy.