Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy 1 month Birthday Colin Boy


Happy Birthday buddy. I can't believe you've been in this world for a month, how time flies when you're busy falling in love. I am reminded of the miracle you are each morning that I wake up and spend time gazing into your eyes. I'm still in awe of the fact that you were growing in my belly just a few weeks ago. You are a miracle and such a gift to our family. You are loved more than words can describe.

Since you've been born you have loved to be with me, your mama. You love to just be held, to snuggle on my chest or to cuddle in my arms. I'm a huge fan of this obsession you have with me :-) We've spent countless nights having conversations, where I do most of the talking, we talk about the gift that you are, the joy you bring our family, the love that we have for you and my promise to always love you, always be there for you and to be the best mom I know how to be for you and your sister. We talk about the fun times we will have in the near future and the distant future and the milestones we'll get to celebrate as a family. I say "we" have these conversations because I know you're listening as you stare at me with your beautiful eyes. I know they say babies only have a short term memory but if by chance you can soak up what I'm saying and remember it tomorrow, a week from now or years from now I'm going to take the time to tell you these things over and over because I never want you to forget how much I love you.

It's only been a month but I can't imagine life without you and I know your dad and sister feel the same way. Daddy loves to stare at you each morning while you sleep and he always whispers something sweet to you before he leaves for work. When Daddy comes home he's anxious to hold you and to just be with his boy. He's already talking about the days when you two can play ball, surf together and just do "guy stuff" together. He adores you.

Your sister is smitten with you. She races to your bassinet every morning to just gaze at you while you sleep and she's the first one to run a binky to you if you're crying. Ashley loves to sing songs to you about anything and everything. She loves to hold your hand and tells you many times each day that she loves you and thinks you're so cute. She loves you from your head to your toes and has told you countless times. Ash is already asking when you'll be big enough to play with her outside or old enough for her to teach you to crawl and walk. I can't wait for you to see and realize the joy on her face when she talks about you. She is one proud sister. She tells everyone we meet all about her little brother and proudly tells them your name is Colin. She is your sister and will be your buddy for life, you are so lucky.

Hauser loves you too. He is always near me trying to check things out if you are crying or upset and he loves to just watch you while you swing back and forth in the swing. If you wake up crying in the middle of the night Hauser comes running from Ashley's room to see if you are ok. He is another friend that can't wait to play with you.

You don't have too many tricks yet but you do love to lift your head. You've been lifting your head up since the night you were born- Dad and I have decided that you are a strong little guy. Once we got past your first real bath you decided it's not such a bad thing, in fact, you seem to like to snooze while you soak in the tub- it's pretty funny. You sleep with your hands in a fist and your thumbs tucked inside just like Ashley and I do. You have been so good to me by deciding to sleep through the night at 3 weeks old...THANK YOU! You are such a happy baby, you don't make a peep unless you're wanting to feel someone's arms wrapped around you and the moment you are in those arms silence comes over you.

We are all head over heals in love with you and it's only been a month! I can't wait to watch you grow as time goes on (just promise me you wont grow up too fast) and to learn even more about you.

I love you Colin Peter Brick.

PS This is the song that Ashley loves to sing to you when you're just waking up. One day we were goofing around singing a song to the tune of Jason Mraz's song Lucky and she hasn't forgotten a word since.

Colin can you hear me,
I'm talking to you,
Across the water,
Across the deep blue ocean,
Under the open sky,
Oh my, Colin I love you.