Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A more mello adventure

Well, after yesterday's adventures I think we were all looking for something on the safer side. So we decided to rent bicycles and ride a trail in the park and then ride along the scenic road through the park.

It may sound silly but I was really scared of this adventure too. After elementary school the last time I rode a bike was when I tried to ride trails with my brother one day while I was in college. It ended after about 10 minutes and me almost tipping over and down a 15 foot drop. I was definitely a little nervous about my biking skills and wasn't sure what this trail was going to be like but the boys were really excited about it so I couldn't say no. After the guy adjusted the seat for me he had me ride down a little street and turn around to make sure everything felt right. Well, the street was a normal sized street but I was so afraid I'd turn and fall over the I just kept riding until I found a house with a round driveway. After we got the trailer for Ashley hooked onto Jason's bike we piled blankets on her and headed off. I was VERY shaky to start off and when I say shaky I mean people probably drove past me thinking I was a drunk bike driver because I was everywhere.

Once we were off the road, away from the cars and on the trail I was so much more comfortable and ended up having a ball. We got to ride our bikes next to the river, over beautiful bridges and saw the most incredible views of the mountains. Ashley was having a blast in her trailer and I couldn't stop smiling. Once we finished our trail we hopped on the main road through the park and road about a mile or two and then we decided to turn around because the cars driving past us were making us crazy. Once we were back on our trail we stopped at a dam maid in 1930 to help with the water flow into Springdale (the gateway town to Zion National park). We all climbed out on the rocks to have our pictures taken and then we headed back to the bike rental store and by the time we were done I was begging Jason to get me a bike for Christmas because I loved it so much.

Our day ended a little early but we spent the afternoon playing "Tiger Golf" as Ash calls it until dinner time. We had a magical last dinner at Oscar's where we sat on a patio with heaters and white Christmas tree lights surrounding us. We spent most of the dinner laughing as we looked back on our crazy adventures, it was the perfect ending to a trip that we will always remember.