Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Snow Fest in Aliso

We brought Ashley to the snow fest hosted by the city. Ashley was fighting a cold and cutting a molar so she was a little clingy but kept a smile on the whole time. Jas took Ash down on the sled and as I waited for them to have a turn I watch a mom come down without holding her two year old and the kid flew about five feet in the air face first, then I watched another mom tip the sled over and roll all over her kids, so I was a little nervous because I know Jason always wants to go fast. Luckily I underestimated my husband's skills and his love for breaking the rules haha. We think everyone was falling because they listened to the rules- hold on to the rails of the sled, do not drag your hands. Well, your hands were the only brakes you had so Jason broke the rules and luckily they both came down the hill with big smiles and without a scratch.

After the sled ride we took Ashley to the snow lot but since it was about 75-80 degrees it was more of a muddy slush lot. After a few snowballs and an attempt at making the world's smallest snowman we were all done and headed home.