Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Photo Essay by Ashley

It's been a while since I've dumped all the pictures off our cameras because our computer's memory was at it's limits.  Funny, because when we got our computer we were told it had a crazy amount of memory and it would be nearly impossible to fill.  I guess they forgot they were talking to a mom that takes as many pictures as the paparazzi.  So, I finally tackled this task and when I was going through the pictures I saw these and they just made me smile.  When we took Ashley to the mountains for her birthday she was getting bored on the drive home so I gave her the camera and told her she could take a few pictures.  I must have been in a snow traffic coma because I don't remember her taking so many pictures (about 100) but they are all pictures of her little world and the things she sees so I thought I would share.


Looking at Dad in the tiny mirror

                                       I'd be bored if I had to stare at that for the whole drive too.
This just made my heart melt.  I think it's so funny that she was sitting like this but the fact that she took a picture makes me crack up.  I love her!
                                                   The world's best elevator button pusher!
                                                  A girl with some seriously sleepy eyes.
                                        Her view when she looks down, again, not so exciting :-(
                                                     Watching the world pass by.
 I probably get asked a few times a week why this is here.  We don't do much dry cleaning so she hasn't seen it used the way most people do.  She thinks it would be a great place to hang toys so she could make her own mobile.

                            The door handle, such a treat when mom lets her open the door all by herself.